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Summer outfit

Summer is sizzling here at the moment and we’re not that prepared.  We haven’t experienced a really warm summer for such a long time it seems.  We’re all short of summer clothes.  I have bought some board shorts for the kids so we can go to the beach without fetching pockets full of sand home and I’ve made Maddy a pair of shorts with matching vest.  The main fabric is left over linen from some trousers that I made for my nephew, and the jersey was bought to go with it.  I’m hoping to make her a casual dress with this jersey too, as it will be so comfortable.

It was a squeeze to get the shorts out of the remnant linen; there was very little left when the pieces were cut out.  Maddy prefers shorts to be longer and I didn’t have enough to do a hem so I trimmed the bottom with ribbon and pulled some threads to give a frayed edge.

IMG_1251Maddy’s inspiration came whilst we were shopping for thread, she spotted a frog that she had to have.  It was supposed to iron on but it didn’t feel very secure so I went round it with some green thread.  The end result was really good and very well recieved.  The shorts are going to have to be smuggled out of the bedroom and into the wash basket but the top has already been removed.  It didn’t last an hour before juice was spilled down the front, not bad enough that she had to take it off so she was able to wear it when we went for a walk along the seafront.  It was so hot yesterday it was the perfect outfit.

IMG_1275The shorts are cut-off trousers from Burda – 142 05/2011 again! The t-shirt is Riviera from  Sewing Clothes Kids Love.  I am going to make another t-shirt for Maddy to wear with these shorts and then maybe go back to the blue shorts.  I do, however, have a commitment to Dom to make some jeans.  He has been badgering me for a while so the blue shorts thankfully will be pushed down the queue.


Navy shorts for Maddy

Kids Clothes Week went by far too quickly and I only got a pair of shorts made for Maddy from remnants of fabric.  The shorts pattern is 134 from Burda 06/11.  I didn’t have enough blue linen left from Dom’s trousers to make a complete pair of shorts so used some other scraps and I’m pleased with the end result.  The pockets are lined with a floral print to add a girly touch.IMG_1243Maddy’s not a girly girl so I have to take what I can get, hidden flowers will have to do.  It took me ages to fit a zip (not very well) as I had to pull some of its teeth AND I’d never done a fly zipper before.  The tabs were also a pain, as the point wouldn’t run under my buttonhole foot, so I had to improvise and use alternative fabric and square the ends instead.  The fabric from Ikea was left over from the roman blinds I made for the dining room; I thought it would be a good idea to change the waistband to match the tabs so they would blend in. I think the shorts actually look better than they would have done had the tabs and waistband been navy.IMG_1244I was particularly pleased with the yoke at the back of the shorts but I made a massive mistake whilst making these – I never fitted them until everything was finished and they are too big.  I don’t know whether to put them away or unpick and take them in, at least that way I can make a better job of the zip but they took sooo long.  I have almost finished another outfit for her so I will decide when it’s done.IMG_1247

Free at last

On Tuesday I took my end of module exam, so I now have about twenty hours a week that I didn’t have last week.  It felt like it went ok, so hopefully when I get my result in August I’ll be happy.  Open University is great for flexibility, but I somestimes struggle motivating myself. I am looking forward to the time off between now and October and I no longer need these, yay.

IMG_1149I decided to cut out the fabric for Maddy’s shorts that I had traced a little while ago; I also decided to make myself a dress, a very simple dress to get me going, but nevertheless something for me to wear.  Both of these are now cut out ready to start tomorrow.


There was just enough fabric here for Maddy’s shorts, I only needed to use some scrap fabric for the pocket lining.

IMG_1154I’m not convinced about this fabric, but thought I would use it for the first sewing project for me for a long time.  I bought it a couple of years ago from a sewing event at the Birmingham NEC and have never got round to using it.  I also bought some lovely paisley fabric at the same time, but daren’t cut into that until I have made something else first.  This pattern should be ok as there’s very little to fit.  I have extended it by 4cm because the length looks too short for me to wear without leggings, but apart from that it is the same.  I’m looking forward to making it tomorrow, but I don’t think I’ll be wearing it without leggings for a while yet as the weather is not great.

In the meantime I used an old shirt of Neil’s that was going in the charity bag and some more fabric that I’ve had for ages to make Maddy some pj’s.  I bought the fabric as it was in the reduced bin, but I’ve never found anything it could suitably be used for before.  It is perfect for pyjamas and she has gone to bed in them tonight so obviously a success.