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Very little sewing going on here.

I have done very little sewing lately and what I have done, I have unpicked.  Do seam rippers get blunt?!?!  The dress I started is enormous and hangs like a tent.  I made the size according to my measurements but it seems way too big; that is all unpicked ready to be re-cut to a smaller size.  Thank goodness it isn’t a complicated pattern.  I still haven’t started Maddy’s shorts that I cut out a good couple of weeks ago.  I have a bad habit of putting things off that I imagine are going to be difficult – there is a fly zipper in them!

In my defence the house is absolutely upside down at the moment, we are having two floor cavities filled in which means that we currently have three rooms concentrated into one.  The kitchen is an island too, as both rooms which are being ‘done’ lead into it.  I have never appreciated the benefit of trays and fold down tables before.  With the dining room table in the shed and the kitchen only accessible across rubble they have become indispensable.

IMG_1166This is the living room being taken apart, before the electrics have been stripped out by the electrician.

IMG_1189Neil putting his barrow away after a very busy weekend: a very productive weekend.  The old sunhouse was ripped off the back a couple of years ago, but the base was still there and being used as a patio.  This needed to be removed as it was breaching the dampcourse.  Not rocket science but somebody had obviously overlooked this before building another room onto the house.  There was a massive amount of stuff removed from there AND he pulled up the floorboards from the living room and dining room (with help from my dad and son Alex).  What an awesome trio they are.