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Navy shorts for Maddy

Kids Clothes Week went by far too quickly and I only got a pair of shorts made for Maddy from remnants of fabric.  The shorts pattern is 134 from Burda 06/11.  I didn’t have enough blue linen left from Dom’s trousers to make a complete pair of shorts so used some other scraps and I’m pleased with the end result.  The pockets are lined with a floral print to add a girly touch.IMG_1243Maddy’s not a girly girl so I have to take what I can get, hidden flowers will have to do.  It took me ages to fit a zip (not very well) as I had to pull some of its teeth AND I’d never done a fly zipper before.  The tabs were also a pain, as the point wouldn’t run under my buttonhole foot, so I had to improvise and use alternative fabric and square the ends instead.  The fabric from Ikea was left over from the roman blinds I made for the dining room; I thought it would be a good idea to change the waistband to match the tabs so they would blend in. I think the shorts actually look better than they would have done had the tabs and waistband been navy.IMG_1244I was particularly pleased with the yoke at the back of the shorts but I made a massive mistake whilst making these – I never fitted them until everything was finished and they are too big.  I don’t know whether to put them away or unpick and take them in, at least that way I can make a better job of the zip but they took sooo long.  I have almost finished another outfit for her so I will decide when it’s done.IMG_1247



I have been feeling a little under the weather recently and at the end of last week came down with shingles.  It could be because the house is upside down with the building work going on, or because I’m waiting for exam results, or any number of other things.  The rash is on a section of my back where I missed with the suncream last weekend and got sunburn, so I think it may be that.

Although I swim a mile at least twice a week I haven’t felt as healthy as I did when I was running, so I decided to give it a go again this morning as I couldn’t go to a public swimming pool.  I have had ongoing problems with plantar fasciitis for years and was advised to give up running and try something else, which is why I started swimming.  I could comfortably swim a mile breastroke but took lessons because I wanted to learn how to do front crawl; initially it was really difficult, particularly breathing, but it is now my default stroke.  I struggle to motivate myself so need goals to aim for, that is easy with running as there are always races going on somewhere nearby, that’s not the case around here for swimming.  If I lived near London or Manchester they have open water challenges which would be great but we don’t have anything like that.  If the pain in my feet isn’t too bad after a week of steady short runs I would love to take it up again but if not I’m going to have to set my own goals for swimming, whether that’s faster or further I need to decide and set a deadline, otherwise I’ll fall into a rut and get bored with it.  I have also decided to fortify my diet as well; this morning instead of toast and jam I had a green smoothie.  Neil’s reaction was priceless when I gave him one too.  He said ‘my gag reaction is fighting with my swallowing, I’m not sure I can drink it.’  I think I may have to tweak the ingredients, theres no getting away from kale or spinach though.  This morning I made two glasses with 1 glass of water, 1 banana, 1 apple, 2 pears, 4 kale leaves (stalks removed), juice of a lime and about 1cm of ginger.  The first third of the glass was the worst, then I got used to it but it would definitely benefit from being chilled.  Tomorrow the fruit is coming from the fridge and not the fruit bowl.

Something to look forward to – today is the start of Kids Clothes Week so this weeks goal is to get some holiday clothes made for the kids.  Only four week until we’re in France so I need to get cracking! V Excited.

Kids Clothes Week

Image This is the fabric I plan to use this week for the challenge, a t-shirt from the book and trousers from the magazine for Maddy and Dom.  I also bought some checked fabric to make a shirt for Dom because I think his choice of navy linen for the trousers and navy jersey for the t-shirt is a bit too much. I’m hoping to find a simple shirt in another Burdastyle magazine, when I finish the other pieces, which will hopefully look ok over the t-shirt.

Today I finally started my first ever t-shirt.  I had bought the fabric, traced the pattern out of ‘Sewing Clothes Kids Love‘, watched the fabric almost leaving the line as it dried in preparation for this week, and today I got to start.  I traced around the pattern with my washable pen and cut approximately 1.5cm from the line, thinking how clever I was, and why aren’t all patterns done without the seam allowance – there is a perfect line for sewing along, what could be better than that?

That was a mistake, approximate doesn’t do it, fab line to follow when sewing but how do you pin the pieces together when you Imagecan only see one line?  Well that’s a lesson learned, it took a little longer than would have been the case to join the pieces, but I have now sewn my first two seams with a stretch stitch, and it looks ok.  There is a little puckering but nothing too bad and I am looking forward to doing more tomorrow.  When this one is finished, and I trace the one for Dominic, I will add exactly 1.5cm.