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Busy summer

It’s been a while since my last post, thinking I hadn’t really done anything.  When I look back that’s not actually the case: we had an amazing holiday in France, we had our house upside down, I’ve done a bit of sewing and knitting, started making bread again and now it’s back to studying.

Our holiday was split into two parts: the first being an adventure holiday with Manor Adventure and the second a more relaxing break in a lodge overlooking a golf course both in North East France.  We had a brilliant time climbing, canoeing, and all manner of outdoor pursuits.  It was possibly the best holiday we’ve had, as the kids had a ball and we got to have dinner in the evening whilst they went off doing more activities.  How many holidays are there were the kids dictate the day and then you get to have a romantic evening? I did get some good bruises and a fair number of bites but they were worth it!

abseilingLook at me hanging onto the railings at the top of the abseiling wall – knees bent desperately trying to keep away from the edge! I climbed up the inside on ladders (with a harness), after all the children and other parents had had their go, hoping we may run out of time but we didn’t!!  I still haven’t conquered my fear of heights but I did go over, feeling very pleased that I hadn’t embarrassed Madeleine and Dominic.  Our favourite parts were on the lake where we got to have a go in canoes, kayak’s and on paddle boards; we did seem to spend more time in the water rather than on it though.  We enjoyed that so much that we have joined a local kayaking club, just missing out on the outdoor season, it’s now held in a swimming pool. It will have to be something exceptional to surpass this years’ holiday.