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Bright Trousers

I finally finished Maddy’s trousers.   It took me a while to get round to putting the ankle cuffs on because I was a little apprehensive about her wearing them. They are the same as Dom’s blue linen’s, Burda 142 (5/2011) but in a really bold print cord.  Both fabrics and the t-shirt jersey are from myfabrics, a risk because I didn’t get to touch it before buying, but a gamble which paid off as it was all lovely.   It took her about a week to put them on but then I had to steal them from her bedroom to wash whilst she was sleeping.  This is the finished article:


They are no less vivid in the flesh!  She tried them with a white t-shirt/blouse but that was too light and stuck to the cord.  Then we tried a white and turquoise striped t-shirt – that looked ok.  She is wearing the same t-shirt on the next picture but in navy/white.  I may have to make a pale orange or turquoise t-shirt to bring the volume down a bit but her fave is a definite no-no with these.

searching for crabs

searching for crabs

There was a fault with the cord which I hadn’t noticed prior to making them but the customer services at myfabrics is excellent, they have sent replacement fabric of my choice as this was no longer available.  Hopefully she will have outgrown these before a hole appears where the fault is. The replacement is going to be pedal pushers, but I am currently working on a dress to go with the leggings made from leftover blue jersey.