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Henry’s jumper

I started a jumper for one of my nephews, Henry, a good while ago.  He is growing really quickly so I needed to crack on.  I had never knitted in the round before, but liked the idea of not having to sew the finished pieces together. One row buttonholes are also new to me but I have figured them out too with a little help from here:

The pattern is a free download from Ravelry here: .  I chose only two colours rather than five and I think that works better for a boy, especially this denim coloured tweedy effect yarn.  The buttons were from my stash and are a perfect match.  Time will tell what they were bought for, but it’ll be too late then!

2013-11-16 15.08.36The jumper has taken a while to complete but I am really pleased with the way it has turned out.  I plan on making one for my niece but I will use brighter colours for Matilda’s.  Also, I didn’t like the hem at the bottom so I will add a ribbed cuff next time.  I now know that dpn’s are not scary, I can obviously tackle socks; stripes are not difficult and as long as you don’t join the yarns together too tightly you can adjust the join when you weave the ends in. Who knows, maybe fair-aisle socks next, only joking!

2013-11-16 15.08.25