My year.

This year I have spent more time sewing than previously and this was a direct result of following blogs and in particular getting involved in Kids Clothes Week. The content on there is amazing and inspired me to have a go.  Another favourite blog has been The self-deprecating tone and the candid description of the outfit construction made me believe that anything was possible. The move from only children’s clothes to clothes for myself has been driven by Sanae sharing her experiences of sewing for herself and I have worn my sewing with pride.  I haven’t blogged about many of my ‘makes’ as I didn’t feel they offered anything unique or insightful.  I have learned from reading many sewing blogs now that I am not necessarily looking for a revelation, but for a shared experience, so I plan to share more.

I haven’t always had the time that I would have liked to commit to sewing;  I must learn to organise myself better in order to free up that time.  When I first started studying with the OU I had a schedule written each week which would keep me on track, I think that would be of use again. It is so easy to get into a sloppy routine.  I need to make time to take photographs of the stages of my sewing and then document my achievements. Currently, everything is written down and saved in my moleskin notebook but I should take the time to transfer some of that information here.

The blogs I enjoy tend to be succinct with lots of pictures and that is a format that I would like to emulate.  My photography skills leave a lot to be desired and I am constantly berated by my husband for not taking enough.  Practice makes perfect, so I’d better take more.

Here are a some works in progress that never made it to the blog:

A bit random but I love making sourdough bread.

A bit random but I love making sourdough bread.

What more Burda!

What more Burda!

These trousers were just too comfortable and have been made so many times.  Maddy’s school trousers are of this pattern but without the elastic at the ankles.  They are such a good fit, impossible from shop bought.

Numb fingers.

Numb fingers.

This bag has no real purpose, I didn’t need another tote, but I wanted to have a go at the one in the Liberty book I received for Christmas.  Sewing the handles on was a real chore and coincided with a debate about thimbles on Did you make that?  I don’t currently have a good one but I will have one in the new year if not for Christmas! I love the finished bag and it has used fabric from my stash which was the main purpose of starting the blog – attacking my ever growing pile of fabric.  I have increased my pile this year but I have also increased my output so on balance I think I have done OK.  I am looking forward to doing better next year but in the meantime have another bag to get ready for Christmas.  Neil is expecting a Walden Cooper messenger bag.  I’d better get on with it tomorrow, after Scout post, shopping, finishing the cover for the cushion pads in the dining room, kids homework, baking, blah, blah,blah. It will be done and wrapped 🙂


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