Another throw/blanket

There is less than a week until my end of year exam so I am concentrating on revision rather than sewing or knitting.  I have started a jumper for my nephew which will grow quicker than my cardigan, hopefully keeping me motivated with my slooow knitting. It’s less antisocial than sewing as knitting needles are more portable than a sewing machine, but I have managed to use some more of my stash.  When we chose the fabric for the curtains from Ikea we both loved this fabric but I had no idea what I was going to do with it.  I decided to make a blanket for the front room but didn’t expect to be using it for some time yet as the summer had apparently arrived.  Summer has now been and gone so Neil has nestled underneath it with his book whilst I traced a pattern for shorts which Maddy will hopefully wear when we go to France, if not at home.  Where has the sun gone?Pretty birdsIf I can manage just an hour a day sewing or tracing/cutting it will stop me getting too anxious about the exam and add to the kids’ summer wardrobe.  My confidence is growing so not too long before I face the challenge of sewing for myself …maybe.


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