A bit of blue…

Well it has taken me a while to write this post and I have done quite a bit of sewing but also a good chunk of studying.  The final assignment is in so just the exam to look forward to now!  Kids Clothes Week was brilliant, I managed to get Maddy’s t-shirt done but trousers and t-shirt for Dom.  Following the trouble I had matching the pieces of Maddy’s t-shirt I added exactly 1.5cm seam allowance around the pattern.IMG_0956

The t-shirt went together much quicker than Maddy’s because of the seam allowances but also because there were fewer pieces.  There were no contrasting side panels and no extra sleeves.  The fabric was lovely to work with, I also used it for the waist band and ankle bands on the trousers.  The pattern Imke is going to be made regularly, Dom needs the sleeves to be lengthened, but both kids are happy with them.IMG_0966

Dom’s trousers are low waisted, next time I will adjust them up an inch.  The linen is great and I think there may be enough left over for some shorts for Maddy.  Dom has worn the trousers to the beach and has asked for some cord jeans next.  Surely that proves a success, requests for further projects – winner.  I have already made Maddy some leggings with some of the spare navy jersey and I hope to make some shorts with the spare linen.  I intend on making Maddy’s trousers this weekend which were planned for KCW but I overestimated my capabilities.  I feel as if I’m on a roll and hope to continue sewing regularly, the knitting on the other hand is proving a challenge. Hey ho, can’t have everything.


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