KCW Day 3

Well the t-shirt is finished and Maddy loves it.  It has already been washed, dried and ironed ready to wear.  I have learned how to sew stretchy fabric, not mastered it yet, but I’m pleased with my firsMaddy's first Imket effort.  The pattern (Imke) has options for changes and tomorrow I will be cutting and making a start on Dominic’s.  He has chosen a navy jersey.  It will have a round hood and just the straight, full length sleeves.  If it turns out ok I may order some more fabric and run up a couple with short sleeves and a ribbed neck.

I am so please to be taking part in Kids Clothes Week, it has given me the push to get sewing again.  I have never made very much but have always enjoyed having a go.  I intend to continue sewing regularly and trying out new fabrics and techniques.  I have spent a couple of hours each day so far on the challenge and this isn’t sustainable on a regular basis, but three to four hours a week is.  At that rate I will surely have reduced my stash and have some new clothes.  Winner!


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