Kids Clothes Week

Image This is the fabric I plan to use this week for the challenge, a t-shirt from the book and trousers from the magazine for Maddy and Dom.  I also bought some checked fabric to make a shirt for Dom because I think his choice of navy linen for the trousers and navy jersey for the t-shirt is a bit too much. I’m hoping to find a simple shirt in another Burdastyle magazine, when I finish the other pieces, which will hopefully look ok over the t-shirt.

Today I finally started my first ever t-shirt.  I had bought the fabric, traced the pattern out of ‘Sewing Clothes Kids Love‘, watched the fabric almost leaving the line as it dried in preparation for this week, and today I got to start.  I traced around the pattern with my washable pen and cut approximately 1.5cm from the line, thinking how clever I was, and why aren’t all patterns done without the seam allowance – there is a perfect line for sewing along, what could be better than that?

That was a mistake, approximate doesn’t do it, fab line to follow when sewing but how do you pin the pieces together when you Imagecan only see one line?  Well that’s a lesson learned, it took a little longer than would have been the case to join the pieces, but I have now sewn my first two seams with a stretch stitch, and it looks ok.  There is a little puckering but nothing too bad and I am looking forward to doing more tomorrow.  When this one is finished, and I trace the one for Dominic, I will add exactly 1.5cm.


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