And so it begins.

Maddy's roller blades

Maddy’s roller blades

Dom's roller blades

Dom’s roller blades

Today I made a start by making 3 bags.  The hall is in the process of being decorated and we would like to remove some of the shoes from the rack.  The kid’s roller blades were dumped in front of the rack but now they both have bags with their pads in as well; these can now go to their rooms.  I also made a small bag for Maddy’s trainers as every week they go to school in a plastic bag and every week they come home loose in her school bag.

All three bags were made using spare curtain material, with drawstrings from leftover sash cord from the ceiling clothes airer used in the rollerblade bags.  There was not enough cord left over for the small bag so I made fabric drawstring and tab using the same fabric.  I think the tab and matching fabric looks nicer than the cord, but I’m not sure how practical that would be for the bigger bags.  The next bag is likely to be for my knitting so I may try adding a tab on both sides and two drawstrings.

Trainer's bag

Trainer’s bag

I hope to eventually move on to making a dress with some of my fabric but that will probably have to wait until the summer holidays.  Until then I have lots of quick bits to make.


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